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Submitted By Vera Schmid


1) Box Club Zürich / Amboss Bier 1

Routing bell in tram cars becomes a boxing ring bell to announce a boxing event.

In the back of many tram cars in Zurich you'ii find a warning bell that sounds exactly like a boxing ring bell. Many people accidentally step on it - and make quite some noise. This time the Boxing Club invited everyone to step on it deliberately to announce a boxing event. The message translates to "Make some noise for the fight."

Note: This was not a guerilla activity, but well planned and supported by the Zurich Public Transportation (VBZ) to endorse their media format "Floor Sticker".

2) Box Club Zürich / Amboss Bier 2

Reception Bell becomes a ring bell to announce boxing event.

Many bars that carry "Amboss" (german for anvil) beer feature a bell on the counter so customers can conveniently order a beer. This bell sounds pretty much like a boxing event. And since Amboss beer proudly sponsors the Box Club Zurich, we now use tihs free media space and make some noise to announce the next boxing event. The message translates to "Next round at Zurich Box Meeting" - which means next round in the fight as well as the next round of beer at the Zurich Box Meeting.


Boxing Club


Boxin Club / Sports


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