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Unhook (integrated campaign) / Hong Kong Cancer Fund

Submitted By Ada Wong


The campaign intended to break the mental lock of women, and encourage them to unhook their bras for breast cancer check. We used various platforms and medias to reach women of different ages. We created TVC, prints, outdoor media, ambience cup holder, and a YouTube animation campaign that enables viewers to make choices and watch its consequences.


Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in Hong Kong. However, inherited the conservative Chinese culture, they are reluctant to get breast cancer check. Hong Kong Cancer Fund wants to raise public awareness and free them from this mental lock.

Technical Challenge

The major technical challenge involved in producing the TVC was recruiting talents. Since Hong Kong is a relatively conservative Chinese society, we have encountered great difficulty in recruiting talents to unhook their bras for the TVC, in which most of them are not professional talents. We needed women of various age groups as talents to unhook bras for the TVC. Although no breast would be exposed in the TVC, we have spent quite a long time looking for women who are willing to participate until Hong Kong Cancer Fund reassure them with an official letter. This has further demonstrated how conservative this society is upon the issue.

Unhook (integrated campaign)



Hong Kong Cancer Fund


Grey Hong Kong


Integrated Branding


Art Director

Keith Ho / Ray Lam / Michelle

Creative Director

Keith Ho / Ray Lam / Keith Lo


Ringo Wong


William Chan

Music & Sound

Billy Chan


Himberly Chan


Keith Lo / Andy Wong

Agency Producer

John Lo




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