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The Power Of Hope / No Kill Louisville

Submitted By Kevin Miles


This grass roots outdoor fundraising campaign is made up of four outdoor posters intended to appeal to diehard animals lover's inherent nature to protect and save animals. So, In creating this work, instead of taking the typical expected approach you often see in campaigns for causes like this, featuring neglected, emaciated animals living in dire straights, we took the exact opposite approach. Our campaign features healthy, happy animals – the kind that put smiles on the faces of the one group of people we firmly believe are our built-in, can't miss target audience; hardcore, diehard, animal lovers. People who love animals more than people. People who don't see animals the way most people do. We singled them out because we know these individuals can't help BUT to take the time to read these posters, because they believe passing up posters featuring animals separated from their owners without taking the time to read them is a sacrilegious act. (NOTE: We have also enclosed the newspaper article that first introduced us to Hope and No Kill Louisville, as well as pictures of Hope before and after NKL's involvement. We provided this for context.)


The business objective of this campaign is raise money for No Kill Louisville, the tiny non-profit organization located in Louisville, KY. Its sole mission is to raise much needed funds to provide medical treatment for injured and sick dogs and cats, provide them with loving, temporary shelter and coordinate adoption services into good homes. So, instead of euthanization, the animals helped by the efforts of No Kill Louisville, survive and thrive in the care of people who will reciprocate their unconditional love.

Technical Challenge

The technical challenges in creating this work was mainly in the art direction. We had to make sure these posters/flyers look like they were made by owners of lost pets. It was very challenging to make sure they looked the part, otherwise, the campaign would be dead in the water.


No Kill Louisville


Non-Profit Charity





Animal Welfare


Art Director

Carl Koestner

Creative Director

Kevin Miles/Carl Koestner


Alexandria Koestner/Shelli Koestner/Rebecca Eaves


Kevin Miles




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