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Disappeared Kashmiris / Association of Parents of Disappeared Persons

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Since the 1989 uprising against the Indian rule in Kashmir, around 10,000 cases of enforced disappearances at the hands of the State forces have been reported. The repressive State is not only denying the truth and justice to the victims but also ensures immunity against prosecution to perpetrators of such heinous war crimes through its various draconian legislations.

To highlight the cause of enforced disappearances in Kashmir, we used the text from the individual case studies of these victims and created their sketches to give out the message that real people can't be reduced to words and statistics, and the following copy appeals to the masses to stand in solidarity with their families to keep their hopes of getting justice for their loved ones alive.


Our client, Association of Parents of Disappeared Persons (APDP) commemorates 30th August every year as the International Day of Disappeared and wanted to do a memorable campaign to keep the memory of loss alive that is being otherwise systematically erased from the public domain by the oppressive state apparatus.


Association of Parents of Disappeared Persons




Integrated Branding


Non-Government Organisation, Public Awareness


Account Executive

Yasir Amin Tibet Baqual

Agency Producer

Yasir Amin Tibet Baqual

Art Director

Suhail H Naqshbandi

Content Strategist

Asif Amin Tibet Baqual

Creative Director

Asif Amin Tibet Baqual


Suhail H Naqshbandi


Asif Amin Tibet Baqual




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