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Glitter & Tears / VELOUR: The Drag Magazine

Submitted By Rebekka Dunlap


A two page spread and a series of spot illustrations for the “Sister” edition of VELOUR: The Drag Magazine. Art directed by Sasha Velour, winner of Rupaul’s Drag Race season 9 and Johnny Velour.


The objective was to create a piece that reflects the sibling bond and generation relationships between Drag Queens and Kings as well as the emotional heights and lows of putting on a drag show at Bizarre Bushwick where Sasha Velour’s monthly Nightgown shows were held.

Technical Challenge

You might be getting the sense that often times the most difficult aspects of my process is the emotional labor and concept stage and this series of images is no exception. Because I personally knew the organizers of Nightgowns and the Brooklyn Drag scene that this publication springs out of there was immense pressure to not fail them.

Also at that point I was just getting acquainted with Drag so though I felt passionate about these Queens’ gutting performances and their curated looks I knew I had to bring to it my own somewhat outsider’s view to their world. This really stumped me because I didn’t want to misrepresent anyone’s art with my own.

So I dug into my memories of all the shows I had been to and cobbled together different images that stuck with me, like what the moments after the performances felt like with everyone sweaty and proud, or a particularly stunning detail of an ensemble. I hope that through these honest recollections I did them justice and from the feedback I got they did! Out of all the projects from this year I’m most proud of this one, because its about my friends and the ground breaking queer activism I’ve witnessed first hand in a small strange bar in Bushwick.


VELOUR: The Drag Magazine







Rebekka Dunlap

Art Director

Sasha Velour


Johnny Velour




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