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Let Your Beautiful Shine / Jergens

Submitted By Arnold Worldwide


In order to start your day on the right foot, a morning routine is of utmost importance – whether that be a quick yoga session, a hot shower, or a large black coffee. You feel like your real self once that routine is complete, and it has nothing to do with being vain or lacking confidence. It’s about becoming the person you really feel like inside and projecting that to the world. In a new national campaign, “Let Your Beautiful Shine,” Kao USA Inc.’s Jergens applauds these morning routines and acknowledges that with its products, your individual beauty can shine through everyday. The campaign comes to life through TV, OLV, and social components.

Actress and comedian Leslie Mann reprises her comedic role as brand spokesperson in two campaign spots, “Chat” and “Bathroom Boundaries,” made by creative agency Arnold Worldwide. The spots feature the addition of her real-life daughter, Maude Apatow, which adds a quirky mother-daughter element to the light-hearted humor and wit of the campaign. By having Maude be part of the “Let Your Beautiful Shine” campaign, Jergens taps into a younger audience while staying true to its long-standing heritage.

In “Chat,” Leslie interrupts Maude during a TV-watching session to speak to her about a sensitive topic. Maude is justifiably alarmed, but Leslie tells her it’s her daughter’s elbows she’s talking about – dry elbows are no laughing matter. Jergens Ultra Healing moisturizes dry skin, which Maude now sees is what Leslie was trying to tell her. Next up for Leslie: moisturizing Maude’s feet!

In “Bathroom Boundaries,” Leslie surprises Maude as she exits the shower, telling Maude about the benefits of Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer, such as how it can be applied on wet skin and the skin quickly absorbs it. Maude is confused as to how her mother was able to enter the bathroom, but Leslie just shrugs it off. Maude confirms that Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer does indeed leave her skin feeling awesome, to which Leslie replies, “you know who else is awesome? You!” and bops Maude on the nose.




Arnold Worldwide




Cosmetics, Beauty Products and Perfumes


Creative Director

Jennifer Alfson
Katie Young
Chris Chao

Art Director

Kyle Lynah, Sara Easterling


Laura Linthicum


Amy Shaw, Alissa Feldbau

Content Strategist

Rohini Sahni

Account Executive

Tenny Pearson, Jessica Miranda, Marie-Laure Davy, Valeene Wilson




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