Young Guns 16: Mau Morgo

By Brett McKenzie Posted on Nov 01, 2018

Showcasing the incredible winners of Young Guns 16

After months of decisions, discussions and debate, The One Club For Creativity is thrilled to unveil the winners of Young Guns 16! These 30 art directors, illustrators, filmmakers, photographers and designers of all types stood above all in this career-making, globe-spanning portfolio-based competition.

Ahead of the Young Guns 16 Ceremony + Party taking place on November 15, we are shining a spotlight on the various superstars who will be honored that evening.

Mau Morgo
Director & Artist
Barcelona, Spain



What does winning Young Guns mean to you? 

This award means recognition for the body of work I’ve been trying to build for  the past few years. It means a lot for me, specially coming from Spain, because i’ve been running away from a traditional creative process, running away from tagging my work in a specific field, always trying to be as diverse as possible in my creative output, proving myself and the clients that I can tackle any project from a new and fresh point of view, creating something unique and with a strong concept behind, but always with my personal sign.

This was the third time I submitted my work to Young Guns, I’ve been polishing my portfolio, over and over, until this year when I presented a body of work that I felt most confortable with, the projects where I have created meaningful experiences for an audience.

It’s not easy to be a successful creative. What sorts of challenges have you encountered to get where you are today? 

I’m not sure if I even know the meaning of being a successful creative (laughs). I question myself a lot about that. Is it earning enough money? Is it having enough recognition? Is it doing meaningful projects? Is it feeling fulfilled with my work? A mix of all of them? Or none? If being a successful creative is being grateful for being able to work on what I work, and with the people that I work, then yes, I’m a very successful creative and human being. All the other parts of the equation are just an illusion.

I’m still an apprentice of my profession, and I think I will always be. That will to keep on learning forces me to explore new landscapes and outputting my knowledge in different creative fields, but always trying to keep my savior faire. This has also been a problem in my career, because the society we have designed needs to put a tag on you and tag your work, constraining the way we express ourselves creatively. The fastest way to be successful is doing similar work in the same creative field, but I’m trying to prove myself that we are free to experiment in other fields and still have that singularity, that scent that represents our personality.

Things are not as pretty as they seem for anyone, I’m 100% sure everyone here has gone through a lot to get where they are, and we all have our ups and downs, but there is no other way: you have to keep rowing, there is no backup plan here.

How did you decide what to enter into Young Guns? Was it a challenge to curate yourself?

Strong concepts and powerful experiences were what I was trying to show with this year's entry. I chose the projects that represented my way of thinking and working, a diverse selection of projects, done with the same creative process, but in different fields.

It’s always difficult to curate yourself, is like having to choose between your own children!

Can you name any past Young Guns winners who you look up to, whose work you admire or are even inspired by?

I love Tom Galle (YG12) and his irony.

What keeps you going, creatively speaking?

Mainly emotions; I want to keep on creating experiences, spaces and concepts that force people to feel and see things from a new or different perspective. I have a lot to communicate, and I get obsessed with one idea, and that idea resonates over and over in my head, and the urge of doing it is bigger and bigger, and then suddenly the opportunity appears. I have no idea how this happens, but sometimes if you start projecting the will of working on something it will eventually happen.

Now that you’re a Young Guns winner, what’s next?

I'm only now starting to become aware that I'm actually a Young Guns winner, and I got a bit excited. 2018 has been a really hard year for me, and right now I just want to keep on working on bigger, crazier and meaningful projects in the US and around the globe. I hope that Young Guns shines a light on my work, and spreads the word about what I’m trying to do, and brings new opportunities.

The Young Guns 16 Ceremony & Party takes place on Thursday, November 15 in New York City. 





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