Young Guns 17: Niclas Larsson

By Brett McKenzie Posted on Nov 04, 2019

Shining a light on the amazing class of Young Guns 17

What happens when you take a jury of 60+ respected creatives, more than 500 entries from all over the globe, and mix them all together for two months of serious consideration, debate and decision-making? Eventually you get the winners of Young Guns 17! This year, The One Club for Creativity is honoring a creatively diverse class of 28 winners, including animators, designers, photographers, illustrators, film directors and editors, all of whom came out of this process as true champions of their craft.

Ahead of the Young Guns 17 Ceremony + Party taking place on November 20, we are featuring the various superstars who will be taking the stage that evening.

Niclas Larsson


Stockholm, Sweden


Malmö, Sweden



First of all, congratulations! Now how did you first discover Young Guns?

I'm the worst when it comes to knowing what's hot or not, but a little bird whispered in my ear about Young Guns a few years ago, but then I never dared to apply until another little bird told me to do so. I finally felt that I was coming close to being on par with some past winners, and besides, I'll soon be too old to be able to be a Young Gun, so it was now or never.

I'm now obviously very happy I listened to those little birds! 

Which of the projects that you entered is your personal favorite and why?

I'm kinda happy with the little web series I did for Vogue. It's such a pleasure working with real talent such as Alicia Vikander, and also with Andrew the stylist, who helps me convince a certain person with sunglasses that greasy sweatshirts and zebra slippers are cool. 

What did you do when you found out that you won YG17?

I told my Uber driver about it. She was very impressed.

How would you describe your creative process?

Talking too much, being way too concerned about stuff, and feeling the lack of prep-time, but somehow miraculously making it work in the end.

What is your favorite tool when it comes to making what you do, something you’d feel naked without? 

Any camera that shoots at least 24 fps. Also, people in front of that camera. 

What do you do when you hit a creative wall, when you are stuck for ideas and solutions?

I'll watch YouTube for hours, then go for a walk.

Who are some of the biggest influences on your work and career? 

Paul T. Anderson. We've never met, but without him, I'm unsure that my style would be "my style". Linus Sandgren was a true pleasure to collaborate with and get to work with. 

Now that you’re in the Young Guns family, are there any past winners that you look up to and admire?

Daniels (YG14) are great! Also, my friend Jonas Lindstroem (YG16) is a bit of a genius. 

Name a creative dream that you have yet to fulfill.

Winning the Palm d'Or would be cool. 

Any final thoughts for the Young Guns community?

I hope that the Young Guns party is as good as people say it is!


“Not being a film director and seeing work like Niclas' reminds me just how many things need to be perfect to make a film not only believable but also captivating, charming and emotive. There is a humanity and richness to Niclas’ work that can make you forget that you’re watching a commercial for Vogue or Mercedes, or better yet think better of the brands for his vision. He brings a sensitivity, technicality, humor and style to all his work that makes him more than worthy of a place in Young Guns.”

Jordan Metcalf
Graphic Designer
Young Guns 11 Winner

“Larsson is an exemplary young filmmaker with a talent for beautiful, human, storytelling. Minimally-scripted and beautifully-paced, his compositions draw upon imagery and emotion to craft truly compelling stories. Larsson’s scriptwriting is exceptional. His writing follows a unique cadence — often with sparse dialogue — that carries a sincerity, truthfulness or humor, that is difficult to achieve. The subtleties of his scripts are elevated by the strength of his visuals. Beautifully framed shots, rich in imagery and color, reveal a masterful understanding of lighting, and composition. Whether creating a commercial, a music video, or feature film, Larsson’s work is visually compelling and stunningly executed.”

Jessica Tainsh
Associate Creative Director

The Young Guns 17 Ceremony & Party takes place on Thursday, November 20 in New York City. 




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