AMV BBDO London is World’s Top-Ranked Agency In The One Show 2021 Global Creative Rankings

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Jun 14, 2021

A stellar year for AMV BBDO London has earned them the distinction of being the number one agency on the world, according to The One Show 2021 Global Creative Rankings.

The agency was awarded 22 Pencils in last week’s One Show 2021, including 12 Gold, six Best of Discipline  and the Best of Show for Libesse work: “#wombpainstories”, “#wombstories” and “#painstories”.

At number two globally and tops in North America is FCB New York, due in large part to the outstanding award-winning performance of “Michelob ULTRA Courtside”.

The prestigious rankings are determined by the cumulative point totals of Pencils and Merits won. The rankings can be sorted and viewed by Agency, Independent Agency, Internal/In-House Agency, Network, Holding Company, Client/Brand, Production Company, Music & Sound Company, Creative, Highest Ranked Work, Country and Region using the dropdown menus.   

Highlights of The One Show 2021 Global Creative Rankings include:

The One Show 2021 Agency Creative Ranking, Global

1.  AMV BBDO London

2.  FCB New York

3.  McCann New York

4.  Area 23 New York

5.  DDB Chicago

6.  Droga5 New York

7.  Translation Brooklyn

8.  DDB Group Germany Berlin

9.  Wieden+Kennedy Portland

10.  Publicis Italy Milan

The One Show 2021 Highest Ranked Work, Global

1.  “Michelob ULTRA Courtside” for Michelob ULTRA, Microsoft and the NBA by FCB New York

2.  “wombstories” for Libresse by AMV BBDO London

3.  “True Name” for Mastercard  by McCann New York

4.  “wombpainstories” for Essity Bodyform/Libresse by AMV BBDO London

5.  “Sick Beats” for Woojer by Area 23 New York

The One Show 2021 Network Global Creative Ranking

1.  BBDO Worldwide

2.  FCB

3.  Ogilvy Group

4.  Publicis

5.  McCann Worldgroup

The One Show 2021 Holding Company Global Creative Ranking

1.  Interpublic Group

2.  Omnicom Group

3.  WPP

4.  Publicis Group

5.  Havas

The One Show 2021 Client/Brand Global Creative Ranking

1.  Libresse

2.  Michelob ULTRA

3.  Mastercard

4.  Apple

5.  Woojer

The One Show 2021 Independent Agency Global Creative Ranking

1.  Translation Brooklyn

2.  Wieden+Kennedy Portland

3.  We Believers New York

4.  The Bloc New York

5.  VaynerMedia New York

The One Show 2021 CCO Ranking, Global

1.  Alex Grieve, AMV BBDO London

2.  Andres Ordonez, FCB Chicago

3.  Ari Weiss, DDB Worldwide

3.  Britt Nolan, DDB Chicago

5.  Sam Bergen, Translation Brooklyn

The One Show 2021 ECD Ranking, Global

1.  Nicholas Hulley, AMV BBDO (tie)

1.  Nadja Lossgott, AMV BBDO (tie)

3.  Samira Ansari, FCB New York

4.  John Bleeden, FCB Chicago

5.  Elliot Langerman, Area 23 New York

The One Show 2021 Art Director Ranking, Global

1.  Nicholas Hulley, AMV BBDO (tie)

1.  Nadja Lossgott, AMV BBDO (tie)

3.  Marco Lemke, DDB Group Germany Berlin (tie)

3.  Sandro Heierli, DDB Group Germany Berlin (tie)

3.  Sirena Martinelli, DDB Group Germany Berlin (tie)

The One Show 2021 Writer Ranking, Global

1.  Nicholas Hulley, AMV BBDO (tie)

1.  Nadja Lossgott, AMV BBDO (tie)

3.  Tobias Natterer, DDB Group Germany Berlin

4.  Nick Divers, The Community Miami

5.  Gustavo Lauria, We Believers New York

The One Show 2021 Designer Ranking, Global

1.  Mario Kerkstra, AMV BBDO London

2.  Jack Donovan, AMV BBDO London

2.  Bashak Yenier, AMV BBDO London

4.  Jack Fleming, FCB Chicago

5.  Max Fox, FCB Inferno London

The One Show 2021 Director Ranking, Global

1.  Nisha Ganatra, Chelsea Pictures

2.  Melina Matsoukas, Prettybird

3.  Emmanuel G. Cuesta, Kuest 

4.  David Gaddie, The Colony

5.  Jorge Malpica, Metro Productions 

The One Show 2021 Internal/In-House Agency Global Creative Ranking

1.  Spotify In-House New York

2.  Google Creative Lab New York 

3.  Ecox Paris

4.  140 New York

5.  Google Brand Studio San Francisco

The One Show 2021 Production Company Global Ranking

1.  Chelsea Pictures Los Angeles

2.  Hungry Man Productions Los Angeles


4.  Prettybird Los Angeles

5.  World War Seven San Francisco

The One Show 2021 Music & Sound Company Global Ranking

1.  750mph London

2.  JSM Music New York

3.  Wave Studios New York

4.  Yessian Detroit and New York

5.  SixtyFor Music 

The One Show 2021 Country Creative Ranking 

1.  United States

2.  United Kingdom

3.  Canada

4.  France

5.  Germany

The One Show 2021 Region Creative Ranking

1.  North America

2.  Europe

3.  Asia Pacific

4.  Latin America

5.  Middle East & Africa

The One Show 2021 Global Creative Rankings methodology

Rankings in each category are calculated by the company that garners the most points overall for winning entries based on One Show Pencils, Merits and Special Awards, allocated as follows: Gold Pencil 15 points, Silver 7, Bronze 3, Merit 1, Fusion, SDG and Green Pencil 30 each, Penta Pencil 50, Best of Discipline 45 and Best of Show 90.  Additional detail is here.

If the same entry wins multiple awards within a discipline, the points for the one highest award in that discipline is counted towards “of the Year” awards.

Points are only awarded to agencies listed as Primary and Secondary on entries.  If several agencies are listed under Primary and Secondary, the points are divided among them.  

All One Show 2021 Pencil and Merit winners were announced last week during the global Creative Week 2021, and can be viewed in the winners showcase here.  The One Show 2021 Best of Discipline winners were announced prior to Creative Week 2021, and are showcased here.

The One Club Global Creative Rankings, combining results from The One Show 2021 and ADC 100th Annual Awards, will be announced shortly.

The One Club awards shows each have their distinct focus. The One Show judges focus on creativity of ideas and quality of execution, while juries for the ADC Annual Awards, now in its historic 100th year, maintain their long-running concentration as the champion for craft, design and innovation.

The One Club for Creativity, producer of The One Show, ADC Annual Awards, Type Directors Club Communication Design and Typeface Design awards, Young Guns and Creative Week, is the world's foremost non-profit organization whose mission is to support and celebrate the global creative community.  The One Show is a top global awards show for advertising, design and digital marketing, focusing on the creativity of ideas and quality of execution.  Established in 1921, the global ADC Annual Awards are the world’s longest continuously running creative award for advertising and design, honoring excellence in craft, design and innovation.  Creative Week takes place in June, and is the preeminent festival celebrating the intersection of advertising and the arts.

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