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The ADC Annual Awards is the oldest continuously running industry award show in the world. Now in its incredible 102nd year, these awards celebrate the very best in advertising, digital media, graphic and publication design, packaging and product design, motion, experiential and spatial design, photography, illustration and fashion design all with a focus on artistry and craftsmanship.

2023 ADC Awards - Brand / Communication Design

Le PàP

Agency Demande Spéciale / Montréal + Théâtre PàP / Montréal

Client Le Théâtre PàP



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Established in 1978, the theater Montreal company Le PàP has had a rich history of experimental work, shows and projects over the years. They wanted a solid and simple identity that would not only represent them in a contemporary and relevant manner, but also depict their creative approach work and thought behind each of their project. The focus of their work when developing plays is dedicated on a free and unrestricted process rather than focusing on a final result . This trust towards to the process is what influences their creative approach. This audacity but especially the circular and cyclical aspect of this approach, repeated through time was key to them and thus we chose to represent in the new identity. We applied this attention to the brand system, creating a simple identity in terms of elements and looks, but where everything is based around the grid system and how it is built with and from their signature. The creative process, which is usually presented once a play is done is instead shown throughout its development through the evolution of the modular grid and typography. This allows Le PàP to share and document their process so that it become a visible part of their journey on their social media platforms. The result is a brand that involves its public in the unfolding of creation.

2023 Awards

Total Points: 21


Design Firm

Demande Spéciale / Montréal

Client / Brand

Théâtre PàP / Montréal

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