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The TDC competition, established in 1953, is the longest running, most prestigious, global typography and type design competition. Now in its 70th year, these awards are all about how letterforms are used and drawn, recognizing typographic excellence and celebrating new typeface designs in all global languages.

2023 TDC Awards - Type Design

Sakkal Saad Arabic Typeface

Agency Sakkal Design / Bothell

Client Sakkal Design


Single Axis Type Family (ie weight or width)

Annual ID



A little bold, a little chunky, a little playful - Sakkal Saad is a fun Naskh with both traditional and modern design elements. The flat baseline connection is broken up by the occasional dropped connection and contrasted with sharp angles, both contributing to the font’s overall informal yet regular rhythm. With five weights from Light to Heavy, Sakkal Saad is ideal for long text setting especially for books and magazines. It has very compact vertical proportions for space economy while maintaining legibility. The sharp strokes of the pen are clearly expressed for a contemporary look and the fine characteristics of Naskh calligraphy are emphasized.

2023 Awards

Total Points: 20

TDC Winner


Design Firm

Sakkal Design / Bothell

Type Designer

Aida Sakkal
Mamoun Sakkal


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