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2023 One Show - Design

A Flammable Planet


Client WWF


Craft / Animation

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A devastating stop-motion story told through the use of real fire. WWF's “A Flammable Planet” was created to raise awareness about catastrophic wildfires, which are increasing in intensity and frequency every year, wreaking havoc on people, nature and climate. From the Amazon to the Arctic, wildfires around the world are increasing in frequency and intensity every year, causing severe long-term problems for the health of the planet and people. Climate change and wildfires mutually reinforce each other, and the fires burning today in many parts of the world are bigger, more intense, and last longer than ever before. The stop-motion film uses real fire to tell the story of the devastating effects of wildfires on our increasingly flammable planet. We used the naturally destructive properties of fire to create a direct visual metaphor between our increasingly flammable planet and the animated environment. In the film, as in real life, a menacing and remorseless fire consumes and destroys everything. The film was shot entirely in-camera. We combined traditional stop-motion techniques together with slow-motion, timelapse, and long-exposure to create the harrowing visuals. We used a combination of a highly flammable set and props, and real fire, to create a shocking sense of visual jeopardy. All props - including the main character- progressively burned during filming.

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