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2023 One Show - Film & Video

The Polygraph

Agency AlmapBBDO / São Paulo + Raw Audio / São Paulo + Colossal / Curitiba + The Youth / Curitiba

Client CNN


Television & VOD / Over 60 Seconds - Single

Annual ID


About the Work

Although we live in the information era, after decades-long efforts by political and business interests to undermine authoritative institutions, including elections, public agencies, science, independent journalism, and civil society groups, we are also living the disinformation era. The intentional spread of falsehoods – and attendant attacks on minorities, press freedoms, and the rule of law – challenge the basic norms and values upon which institutional legitimacy and political stability depend on. So to see the “real” truth behind every single statement, has never been more important. And CNN, being a multinational news-based television channel, needed to tell that: no matter what happens or what people say, CNN will always bring you the fact. The true one. And, historically, the polygraph has been popularly referred to as a lie detector test. In short, polygraph records a number of different bodily responses which can then be used to determine whether someone is telling the truth. So we had the idea to use the polygraph’s language aesthetic, to build the visual identity of our campaign. We turned the needles’ squiggly lines into journalistic, powerful photos, that showed the truth behind dishonest narratives. In other words: we reimagined a polygraph so it could do what it’s always done: no matter what people say, it shows you the truth. Just like us.

2023 Awards

Total Points: 9



AlmapBBDO / Sao Paulo

Production Company

The Youth / Curitiba

Music / Sound Production Company

Raw Áudio / São Paulo

Post Production Company

Colossal / Curitiba

Art Director

Rafael Gil
Francis Alan

Chief Creative Officer

Luiz Sanches



Director of Photography

Yuri Maranhao

Executive Producer

Carol Cherobim


Pierre Lapalu

Motion Designer

Arthur Naar

Agency Producer

Diego Villas Boas

Music Producer

Fernando Forni
Ricardo Pinda
Rogério Pereira


Vinicius Lavor
Eduardo Lunkes
Bruno Cornelsen

Account team

Renata Carvalho
Viviane Sgarbi
Isabel Gavião
Milena Ferezim

Account Team (Raw)

Carol Peternelli

Account Team (The Youth)

Carol Cherobim
Camila Pires

Art buyer

Teresa Setti
Eliane Silva

Client Approval

Renata Afonso
Virgilio Abranches
Thiciana Simão
João Koepke


Karlos Schirmer
Michel Takahashi

Coordinator (Raw)

Robério Barbosa

Coordinator of Production (The Youth)

Debora Lemes (Derbiz)

Creative VP

Marcelo Nogueira

Director of production

Ulisses Sant’Anna

Graphic Designer (Polygraph)

Diego Cagnato

Media Team

Patrícia Gogliara
Adriana Roza
Leonardo Sousa

Motion Supervisor

Rodrigo Stradiotto
Janaína da Veiga

Music Direction

Hilton Raw


Joao Gabriel Fernandes
David Gross
Yudi Nakaoka
Thauanne Santana


Tarciso & Pena

Post Production Supervisor

Diogo Gameiro

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