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2023 One Show - Green Pencil

Hack Market

Agency Marcel / Paris + ADF L’ATELIER / Paris + PRESS PLAY ON TAPE / Paris

Client Back Market


Green Pencil

Annual ID


About the Work

Environmental issue and challenge : This activation is part of a larger campaign commissioned by BackMarket – the European leader of an emerging category, refurbished tech – as part of a 3 year collaboration. The company was founded to offer a sustainable alternative to tech consumption. The campaign was launched after the sustainability benefits of refurbished were proven by a study from the French Environmental Agency in 2021. BackMarket’s ambition is to change behaviors. To normalize buying refurbished tech, as a desirable alternative to the consumerist behavior of buying new devices. Price is an obvious benefit of refurbished. So can be its sustainability. But sustainability facts rarely change behavior. The challenge is to engage consumers beyond reason, AND do so in a way that makes them feel good, and even proud. The campaign: Hack Market is a campaign promoting the sustainability benefits of refurbished tech, developed for BackMarket, Europe’s leading marketplace for refurbished tech. A hijacking of the purchase journey designed to challenge tech buyers behavior right when they were about to buy a brand new device. For Earth Day BackMarket hijacked the “temple of new tech”: Apple Stores. Using Apple’s own AirDrop technology and devices to advertise ITS messages for a greener alternative. This original in-store activation was amplified using influencers and video content. The Hack Market campaign is a live test of a new way to engage consumers around sustainability. Can responsible communication be fun? Definitely. We deployed the campaign in only 6 stores, but it was enough to engage millions of consumers. Changing behaviors takes time, and sometimes we need to start by unlocking their attitude: in this case, towards refurbished tech as a smart alternative to new. The results : In its home market, France, Back Market has become the #1 smartphones seller online, before Amazon and Apple. Sales of refurbished tech are winning shares against new. Among the drivers to buy refurbished, though “value for money” remains #1, its importance keeps decreasing to the benefit of “environmental impact” and “I don’t need a brand new device”. Those are the indicators of progress we track. We want this campaign to inspire others. It is “only” comms but it is a bold experiment that demonstrates that responsible communication doesn’t have to be boring, nor treated a CSR side hustle: it comes from a company whose purpose and business are 100% aligned. And it should make us think: it does fight a cultural mountain that was created by our own industry – the irresistible need for new.

2023 Awards

Total Points: 3




Marcel / Paris

Client / Brand

Back Market / Paris

Production Company

ADF L’atelier / Paris
Press Play on Tape / Paris

Chief Creative Officer

Gaëtan du Peloux
Youri Guerassimov

Creative Director

Clément Sechet

Social Media Manager

Calliste Garrabos

Account Director

Yani Oukid

Associate Director

Sebastien Jauffret

Project Manager

Flavie Parize

Co Founder & CCO

Vianney Vaute


Charles Georges-Picot
Pascal Nessim

Editor, Director

Guillaume Talvas

Managing director

Benjamin Taïeb

Marcel Tech

Christophe Serret
Edouard Danesse
Lotfi Harrabi

Strategy Lead

Thomas Cléret

Traffic Manager

Laurène Ametowoglo
Mélanie Coupey


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