2017 One Show Cross-Platform Jury

Juliana Cobb



New York

Born in Canada, raised by a single mom, Juliana grew up traveling through India and Nepal where, when they weren’t living in a bus by the monkey forests, they lived on room service and pillow mints at the InterContinental Hotel. (It was…complicated.) She was home schooled and constantly moving, even back in the states.

But being a perpetual outsider turned out to be invaluable. Juliana learned to make friends quickly and developed an almost bottomless empathy. She can’t remember a day in advertising that she didn’t lean on one or the other – and usually both.

A copywriting career that began in the digitally-charged San Francisco of 2001 taught Juliana the importance of storytelling that’s as compelling in a banner as it is in a long form film. A skill which, since then, has led to award-winning work among a wide range of clients - from Ray Ban to Boys and Girls Clubs of America, from Microsoft to Lexus, and most recently for Starbucks, GE, AT&T and American Family Insurance.

Manhattan is home (for now – and in a bona fide apartment), with husband Jonathan and soul-cat Charlie Parker. #charlieparkerthecat




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