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2020 Young Guns Work - YG Work


Agency Debora Cheyenne Cruchon

Client Still Point Magazine



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These three illustrations were meant to explore the concept of Fantasy while engaging in a dialogue between the writers and illustrator around the themes of religion and mental health.

The first two illustrations paired with Terron Ferguson's play excerpt , The Fear Jesus Might Be Starting A Cult, were meant to show contrasted, mysterious and bold visuals going along with the incisive subject of the play.

The third illustration, paired with Pr. Jermaine Singleton's article, was meant to describe, in a minimalist approach, the state of mental oppression in which marginalized people find themselves.

Each illustration is placed in a pan-african perspective, result of the inherent subjects of each articles as well as the artist (and writers) own cultural backgrounds, only to ensure a more human and sincere approach to the delivery, not to mention the absolute importance of diverse representation.

My Role was:

Creating a series of illustrations to go along with two articles in the First Issue of Still Point Magazine.

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