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2022 Young Ones - Young Ones ADC

City Chaos

School School of Visual Arts / New York


Illustration / Digital

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This series is inspired by my experience in the United States -- cities are in the midst of social division, and citizens are the biggest victims of the chaos. They live in the anxiety of persecution and lose their stable living environment.

Washington D.C.
Size: 13x24.2 in
Medium: Digital (Photoshop)
This illustration shows the violent protest in Washington D.C. and how the chaos influenced citizens' lives.

Time Square-42 Street
Size: 24x48 in
Medium: Digital (Photoshop)
This long scroll is about all the crazy things happening at the beginning of 2022 at the Time Square-42 Street subway station. There was an Asian woman pushed by a homeless into the subway rial, an insane man burned the giant Christmas tree, a New Year party was going on, and so many times anti-vaccine protest in front of Time Square. This city is in the chaos of social division.

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Total Points: 7

Student Silver Cube



Zhiwen Tang

College / University

School of Visual Arts / New York
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