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2023 Young Ones - Young Ones One Show

CelebriTales AI

School The Pub School Ecuador / Quito

Client Spotify


Brief: Spotify / Integrated

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Can you imagine Sofia Vergara narrating Fifty Shades of Grey? The Puss in Boots reading The Physics Book? or Taylor Swift giving her voice to read your favorite Pablo Neruda's poem? It would be crazy to have the hottest, most famous and exciting voices reading your favorite books at bed time, when your cooking or just when you are having a "me time", imagine how appealing the voices of Audiobooks would be, we would turn a boring world of voices into the new favorite way of listening to books of all ranges, the question is would it be possible? Yes it, is and Spotify is about to be the pioneer in turning a format that has a 3% of the population as listeners into one of the favorite ways of spending time on screen.

2023 Awards

Total Points: 15

Student Gold Pencil


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The Pub School Ecuador / Quito
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