BBDO Canada and Apple Take Top Spots In The One Show 2023 Global Creative Rankings

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May 24, 2023

Based on point totals for wins in The One Show 2023 announced last week during Creative Week in New York, BBDO Canada Toronto and Apple are among the leaders in The One Show 2023 Global Creative Rankings.

BBDO Canada Toronto is the world’s top-ranked agency this year, winning two Best of Disciplines (in Experiential & Immersive and Radio & Audio), and taking home nine Gold Pencils, two Silver, three Bronze and two Merits.  All of the wins, working with TA2 Sound + Music Toronto, were for “Missing Matoaka” on behalf of Muskrat Magazine. 

Apple comes out of The One Show 2023 as the highest-ranked brand and brand-side agency.  Driving the strong performance was Apple London with Apple Cupertino winning The One Show 2023 Best of Show and Best of Discipline in Brand-Side/In-House for “The Greatest”.

Highlights of The One Show 2023 Global Creative Rankings are as follows (click the category links to view the full list for each):

The One Show 2023 Agency Rankings

1. BBDO Canada Toronto

2. FCB New York

3. TBWA\Media Arts Lab Los Angeles

4. Area 23 New York

5. BETC Paris

6. Wieden+Kennedy Portland

7. Ogilvy Group Thailand Bangkok

8. Virtue Copenhagen

9. Ogilvy Honduras Tegucigalpa

10. Ogilvy UK London

The One Show 2023 Independent Agency Rankings

1. Wieden+Kennedy Portland

2. Rethink Toronto/Montréal/Vancouver

3. We Believers New York

The One Show 2023 Brand-Side Agency Rankings

1. Apple Cupertino

2. Apple London (tie)

2. Squarespace New York (tie)

The One Show 2023 Brand Rankings

1. Apple

2. Muskrat Magazine

3. Burger King

The One Show 2023 Non-Profit Client Rankings

1. Grupo Estratégico PAE

2. Women in Games

3. Canadian Down Syndrome Society

The One Show 2023 Brand Parent Company Rankings

1. AB InBev

2. Unilever

3. RBI

The One Show 2023 Production Company Rankings

1. Smuggler New York

2. 14 al Centro LATAM Tegucigalpa

3. Factory01 Bangkok

The One Show 2023 Music & Sound Company Rankings

1. TA2 Sound + Music Toronto

2. JSM Music New York

3. Pickle Music New York

The One Show 2023 Agency Network Rankings

1. Ogilvy Group

2. FCB

3. DDB Worldwide

The One Show 2023 Independent Agency Network Rankings

1. Wieden+Kennedy

2. Rethink

3. Serviceplan Group

The One Show 2023 Agency Holding Company Rankings

1. Omnicom Group

2. WPP

3. Interpublic Group

The One Show 2023 Highest Ranked Work

1. “Missing Matoaka” by BBDO Canada Toronto with TA2 Sound + Music for Muskrat Magazine

2. “The Greatest” by Apple London with Apple Cupertino for Apple

3. “McEnroe vs McEnroe” by FCN New York for AB InBev/Michelob ULTRA

The One Show 2023 Country Rankings

1. United States

2. Canada

3. United Kingdom

The One Show 2023 Region Rankings

1. North America

2. Europe

3. Asia Pacific

The One Show 2023 Regional Agencies of the Year are as follows (click the region to view the full list).

The One Show 2023 Global Creatives of the Year, listed at the agencies where they worked when the winning entries were produced, are as follows (click the link for each category and individual to view the full list).

The One Show 2023 Global Creative Rankings (individuals)

Using dropdown menus, the rankings can be viewed by Agency, Independent Agency, Brand-Side Agency, Brand, Non-Profit Client, Brand Parent Company, Production Company, Music & Sound Company, Agency Network, Agency Holding Company, Highest Ranked Work, Country, Region, and Creatives.  Rankings can also be viewed globally, and by region and country.

Rankings methodology

Rankings in each category are calculated by the company that garners the most points overall for winning entries based on One Show Pencils, Merits and Special Awards, allocated as follows: Gold Pencil 45 points, Silver 21, Bronze 9, Merit 3, Fusion, SDG and Green Pencil 90 each, Penta Pencil 150, Best of Discipline 90 and Best of Show 135.  

If the same entry wins multiple awards within a discipline, the points for the highest award in that discipline is counted towards “of the Year” awards.  Points are only awarded to agencies listed as Primary and Secondary on entries.  If several agencies are listed under Primary and Secondary, the points are divided among them.  

All One Show 2023 Gold, Silver, Bronze Pencil and Merit winners were announced last week during Creative Week in New York.  A total of 20,166 pieces from 69 countries and regions were entered in The One Show 2023.  Agencies, studios, brands, production companies and designers in 54 countries and regions were awarded 210 Gold Pencils, 200 Silver, 238 Bronze, and 1,172 Merits. 

Awards shows produced by The One Club for Creativity each have their distinct focus. The One Show judges focus on creativity of ideas and quality of execution, while ADC Annual Awards juries maintain the show’s long-running concentration as the champion for craft, design and innovation.

The One Club for Creativity, producer of The One Show, ADC Annual Awards, ONE Asia Creative Awards, Type Directors Club competition, TDC Ascenders, Young Guns, and more, is the world’s foremost non-profit organization whose mission is to support and celebrate the global creative community.  Revenue generated from entries to its global awards shows goes back into the industry to fund programming under the organization’s four pillars: Education, Inclusion & Diversity, Gender Equality, and Creative Development.  

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