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ONE Asia Creative Awards celebrates the best creative work of the year from the Asia Pacific region. Formerly known as the One Show Greater China Awards, which was founded in 2014 by The One Club for Creativity, the awards were established because of the tremendous growth and evolution of creativity in the Asia Pacific market. It presents an unparalleled level of prestige and honor for creatives, designers and innovators in the region. The awards are a fusion of culture where East meets West that brings the creativity of the region to the global stage.

2022 ONE Asia - Creative Effectiveness

David's Unusables

Agency Special / Auckland + Motor Neurone Disease New Zealand + The Post Office

Client Motor Neurone Disease New Zealand (MND NZ)


Best of Creative Effectiveness

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Motor Neurone Disease is a brutal disease and New Zealand has one of the world’s highest mortality rates from it. Despite this, it’s a disease that has low levels of awareness and understanding compared to other illnesses. Awareness and public profile is important because they have a big impact on the access to funding and support a charity, like MND NZ, can get. To do this, we needed to demonstrate the impact MND has on people in a relatable way. The solution was to bring 1 of the 400 people in New Zealand who are currently living with MND into the public eye. That person was David Seymour. With our help, David hijacked TradeMe (New Zealand’s equivalent of eBay) to educate New Zealanders on his condition. On a bespoke store called ‘David’s Unusables’, he sold his unusable belongings in a digital timeline reflective of his deterioration – starting with bigger items like bicycles and fishing rods, through to simple everyday items like cutlery and furniture as his condition declined. Each listing told of his personal connection to the item, and revealed the devastating, symptomatic reasons it had become unusable to him. By doing so, the campaign turned online auctions into an education resource and generated vital donations at the same time. To amplify the sales, David made media appearances and starred in an infomercial that was broadcast on national television. David’s Unusables generated much needed attention for MND through ‘David’s Unusables’, securing the coveted 6 pm TV news slot, and 41 individual PR articles. This coverage was worth over $230,000 (USD) in advertising value equivalent and reached over 1.5 million New Zealanders (total population 5.52 million). That’s 25% of the NZ population with a media ROI of $20 for every $1 spent.

2022 Awards

Total Points: 60

Best of Discipline Award



Special / Auckland

Client / Brand

Motor Neurone Disease New Zealand

Production Company

The Post Office

Art Director

Kimberley Scott

Chief Creative Officer

Tony Bradbourne

Creative Director

Arnya Karaitiana


Ky Lee


Alexander Gandar

Executive Creative Director

Jonathan McMahon
Lisa Fedyszyn

Executive Producer

Sally Lankshear

Chief Executive Officer

Carl Sunderland

Senior Copywriter

Tom Johnson

Business Manager

Isabeau Brimeau

Communications Specialist

Emily King

Group Business Director

Priyanka Patel

Head of PR & Influence

Kelly Grindle

Media Director

Briar Rowsell

Studio Artworker

Carolyn Ihaia

Studio Manager

Gavin Le Claire

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