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2020 Young Guns Work - YG Work

Bryson Tiller - Set It Off Tour

Agency Mike Carson

Client Bryson Tiller



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To put in context our first touring collaboration together was in clubs and House of Blues, coming off his first project, which was a soft, moody. So the previous design reflected that, and often time had him silhouetted This tour was a large contrast from our previous tour, to reflect the progression in his music, which had become alot more dark, sinister and bold. The design reflects that progression, but still allows us to revisit his softer R&B ballads, given the versatility of the design. My favorite part of the design is the stage inside the screen. This design had to be bold but also not overpowering and also had to fit in large theaters and small arenas throughout the US.

My Role was:

Creative Director, Projection Designer, Show Director, Content Director/Co-Animator

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