Self Promise / Myself

Submitted By Kiana Gatling


This piece represents me, learning to love & accept myself, despite all of my flaws.
The inspiration behind this piece goes back to a night when I was called names, & negative characteristics about myself were brought to the light. The worst part of this event was having to accept that they were all true. I went on a journey, having to learn to love & accept myself despite the flaws I carried. The illustration shows the outer me, healing, loving, & protecting my broken inner self. To get to my audience to understand the illustration more, I accompany this piece with a poem I wrote for myself, that explains my journey.


The objective of this piece was to open up and be vulnerable with myself and others about struggles that most women and men can relate to and comfort knowing they are not alone.

The Piece is accompanied by a pen that reads:
I will not hate you because of your anxiety, it doesn’t define you, all those negative things you told yourself, they’re all untrue.

No I will not hate you because you’re a victim, nor will you wear that title, you are my patient Kiana and your healing is vital.

I will not hate you because you have insecurities, I promise they’re not a big deal. They are just like those fears inside of your head, they’re not even real.

I will not hate you because you cry a lot, you’re strong in my eyes, let your tears flow uncontrollably, cry baby cry.

I will not hate you because you wear your heart on your sleeve. Your sensitivity doesn’t equate weakness, God made you in this way, it adds to your uniqueness.

I wanna say...

I’m sorry I took so long to love you, I’ll never make that mistake again, I love love love you. Ill love you till the end.

Technical Challenge

Drawing on adobe illustrator, Creating ombres, morphing 2 separate images.




Innovative Use of Media





Kiana Gatling




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