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Sponsors champion an organization’s progress. They know its potential. They’re passionate about its mission. They see the big picture and not just the costs associated with it. They have enough faith in it to advocate for its success. And that’s what you’d ultimately be doing as a TOCC Miami sponsor.

TOCC Miami sponsors forge a valuable, meaningful, sustainable, and enjoyable partnership between our organization – an organization that believes that creativity is at the heart of a business’ success – and their own. This partnership helps us maximize our outreach efforts as well as deliver, produce, and promote cutting-edge workshops, competitions, and industry events. And in turn, it helps our sponsors increase their visibility and shape consumers’ attitudes towards their organization. It’s a win-win.

Help make a difference in the lives of the brilliant creatives that contribute to the creative mecca and melting pot that is Miami. Partner with us by becoming a sponsor of TOCC Miami, and join us in advocating the promotion of collaborative creative culture as well as celebrating and empowering all makers alike in our vibrant community.


TOCC Miami sponsorship is available at three core levels, and they are all highly appreciated tokens of your generosity. Read on below to learn more about each level.

Annual Chapter Sponsor
Annual Chapter Sponsors show their support through a fixed amount donation for the year. In turn, they are able to maintain a year-round, high-profile, and continuous presence with TOCC Miami members. Only one Annual Chapter Sponsor slot will be allowed per business category to maximize the visibility and exclusivity of this type of sponsorship. It will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Benefits include:
•    An announcement of sponsorship in a press release
•    Company logo listed under Sponsors on TOCC Miami website with a link
•    Two complimentary tickets to all events for the year
•    Signage/ID at all chapter events (either on banner or presentation)

Event Sponsor
Event Sponsors show their support by helping fund the cost of a local event.

Benefits include:
•    The title “Official sponsor of (TOCC Miami's event)” with the right to host a reception at the event
•    Four tickets to the sponsored event
•    Logo and link on chapter website for the whole month of the event and in all communications promoting the event (e-blast, direct mail, posters, website, etc.)
•    On-site signage/ID and display and use of sponsor’s product/service during the sponsored event


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In-Kind Contributors
In-Kind Contributors show their support through donations of any amount. They receive the benefit of a thank you note with their name and URL on our blog and social media sites. We appreciate all in-kind donations and provide invoices for contribution value.



* Additional benefits may be provided to specific events or sponsor agreements. All the proceeds would go to TOCC Miami unless previous arrangements were made. TOCC Miami must approve all PR/marketing materials before release.


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Your donation – in any amount – is vital and contributes directly to the production of programs, panels of discussions, and education materials, ensuring that resources on creativity remain accessible for all creatives in South Florida.


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