Young Guns 12 WINNERS

2014: The theme for Young Guns 13 was "Creativity Never Dies", best exemplified in a video game created by dozens of past Young Guns winners where the game character would live forever. This year’s Young Guns Cube was definitely a show stealer at the October 9, 2014 ceremony. Designed at Deutsch Inc. by Young Guns winners Menno Kluin (YG6) Juan Carlos Pagan (YG11) and Brian Gartside (YG12), this laser-etched and hand-polished beauty now sits on the shelves of 31 young creatives around the world.


Sam Taylor

The Line

Sam Taylor is a designer, animator, and director, based in London. He got his start working on the Oscar-nominated film The Illusionist, before co-founding The Line Animation Studio in 2013. Since then he has been nominated for a BAFTA, and directed numerous commercials and music videos for The Line.




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