Young Guns 6 WINNERS

2008: Continuously evolving, Young Guns 6 saw efforts to make the competition even more exclusive, by limiting the number of potential winners to 50. This also marked the first year of the Young Guns Cube. While this was essentially a smaller version of the acclaimed ADC Cube, it started a process that would soon become a major part of Young Guns tradition. The Cubes were awarded in a ceremony and exhibition on September 4, 2008.


Joel Micah Miller

where the magic happens

Joel Micah Miller was born in 1979 near Washington, DC and studied at universities in Boston and Stuttgart, Germany. Since then he has traveled extensively throughout the world, on assignment and personally, following his passion for turning concepts into images.

Parallel to his commercial work, Miller’s fine arts projects have been displayed in galleries from London and Los Angeles to New York, Paris, Tokyo, and Berlin.

His first monograph, Monumental, was published in 2011 by Seltmann&Soehne.

He is the recipient of numerous international awards including ADC Young Guns, ADC Awards, Adobe Design Achievement Award, World Photography Awards, PDN´s 30, PDN Photo Annual, PDN Self Promotion Awards, International Photography Awards, Geschossen und Gedruckt, Gruener & Jahr Photo Award, the Golden Eye Award, and Kodak Fotokalenderpreis.

He lives and works in Stuttgart, Germany.




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