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Frustrated with the incredible waste I saw as a Victoria’s Secret Designer, I quit my job and founded TheFullEdit, a professional closet editing service. TheFullEdit promotes a circular economy by helping people cut their own clothing waste through educating on how-to "buy less, choose well". We then resell and reallocating garments that have been purged from closets. I host upcycling workshops for children, teens and adults and have spoken about sustainability at universities, conferences, and businesses. On my own time, I have organized a number of zero waste and plastic free lifestyle awareness events such as 5 Fashion Revolution clothing swaps, 3 Eco Fashion Shows led by 60+ volunteers, 2 film screenings, 1 zero waste baby shower, countless pop-up thrift shops and beach cleanups. This led me to becoming a zero waste lifestyle consultant. To date 36 businesses have been consulted and educated by TheFullEdit on reducing their footprint of waste. Combined consulting and reselling of garments efforts has diverted 4,984lbs of textiles from the waste steam, 452 boxes for shipping and packaging have been reused and cleaned up countless pounds of debris destine for the waterways. From this work, I have been quoted as an expert in sustainability by Discover, Amex, and and NYLON next to VOGUE Australia's Editor, Clare Press.

Though speaking and workshops, I have educated 2,952 adults, college students and children from various socioeconomic backgrounds. Finding better ways to consume, reduce debris in the waterways and textile waste in landfills reduces the amount of resources needing to be dedicated by a city for removal; moreover, increases green space which promotes cleaner air to breathe and water to drink, bathe and swim in. Being a conscious consumer has the potential to help any human no matter their age, color or size of their bank account. The best part about working with a zero waste and a second hand mindset is that most price conscious people can relate and going zero waste can cost just that - ZERO!  Shopping second hand can be an affordable way to clothe anyone.


Miami, United States






PALM Award - Social Miami
Startup Weekend Miami - Winner


Whole Foods
SEED Food and Wine
Limited Brands - Victoria's Secret
Sea Lily Miami
American Express
Miami Fashion Institute
SUNY College at Buffalo
The Citadel
Sharron Lewis Design
Colleen Coughlin Client: DebrisFreeOceans Title: Director of Eco Fashion
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Colleen Coughlin Client: Travel Bash Title: Girls Getaway Fashion: Outfits Under $100 for Brunchin' Babes
Colleen Coughlin Client: SEED Food and Wine Title: Conscious Catwalk
Colleen Coughlin Client: TheWynwoodYard Title: Upcyling with TheFullEdit

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